Solace in Wood

I make unique wooden objects for everyday enjoyment!

About us

I design and make unique turned and carved wooden objects for everyday use and enjoyment. I am design focused but also strive to embrace the inherent qualities of the wood by creating handcrafted objects that not only showcase the natural beauty of the material but also celebrate the organic and unpredictable nature of the wood itself. I particularly enjoy experimenting by turning green (unseasoned) timber almost paper-thin and allowing the pieces to twist and warp naturally as they dry out to produce exciting and often unexpected results. I sometimes add colour and texture by ebonising or dyeing and wire brushing. I use only locally ethically sourced and repurposed timber.

I will be running spoon carving beginners courses for the Vale of Glamorgan council March 2024

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You can buy online through our own website, via social media, Facebook Marketplace orĀ  face to face

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