Introducing CoedNet


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Welcome to CoedNet, a brand new web directory of community woodland groups and small businesses selling sustainable woodland goods, services and experiences in Wales. 

I’m Jayne (pictured left) and I’ve worked with Llais y Goedwig, the voice of community woodlands in Wales, for more than 6 years. Over that time I’ve been amazed by all the wonderful things going on and being made in Welsh woodlands.

From the beautiful candle holders and sturdy gates being hand-crafted by Mike and others at Moelyci in North Wales, to the entrepreneurial spirit of Welcome to our Woods in South Wales, it’s all been happening! And, as the Welsh Government looks to expand our forests and encourage people to use our woodlands to sustainably source more products and services, this is a movement that is most definitely growing.

Two friends enjoying forestry

But, if you looked online, you wouldn’t know about this hive of activity. What’s been missing is a website shouting from the tree-tops about these woodland enterprises and activities, and making them easily discoverable, so more people can buy and sell the fantastic products and services on offer. Community woodland groups within Llais y Goedwig told us that this would be really useful to them and so, with funding from the European Union, we set up a project team to make it happen. 

Like the underground root and fungal networks connecting trees that you can see in our logo, we also wanted to help woodlands better connect with one another, and just be able to see what others nearby are up to. When you’re working in woodlands, it’s sometimes hard to see the wood from the trees, so anything that gives woodland activities more visibility and connectivity has got to be a good thing!

As more groups and businesses join the platform, we hope more connections will be made, perhaps with the development of local hubs, encouraging more cooperation and participation. Woodlands are more resilient – for people as well as wildlife – when they’re well connected.

And so, after much research, discussion, gestation and development, 9 months later, CoedNet is born!

I’d love to know what you make of the directory, so please do get in touch. Also, if you’re part of a woodland group and would like to join CoedNet, use the quick form here to let us know and we’ll send you more details. Did I mention it’s free?!