CoedNet is a new online directory of community woodland groups and enterprises selling sustainable goods, services and experiences from the woods of Wales. It has been created by a team working for Llais y Goedwig (the community woodland network in Wales).

CoedNet helps people connect

CoedNet has been built to help customers and local woodland enterprises connect, helping to promote sustainable, more resilient communities. You’ll be amazed at all the wonderful woodland goods, products and services available from local woodland enterprises. You might even discover a new woodland product, like birch syrup, that you didn’t know existed!

All traders on CoedNet share our values of promoting woodland sustainability, and building resilient local communities. When you buy from a CoedNet trader, you can rest assured that you’re supporting an ethical, local Welsh business or community woodland group. 

CoedNet has been created by a team working for Llais y Goedwig (the community woodland network in Wales), on a Rural Development Programme (RDP) funded project called Goods from the Woods. Llais y Goedwig will host and maintain the platform.

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